Charlie Dunn is a multi-facetted professional singer and entertainer who has performed at weddings, corporate events, private parties and just about any other event you can think of over his 25-year career as a professional entertainer.  He captures the persona of Elvis for his tribute to "The King" while channeling the likes of Michael Buble', Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and many other for his tribute to the Great American Crooners.  Highlights include being hired to perform at the Baltimore Convention Center and the Las Vegas Paris Hotel and Casino.  Locally he has performed at many festivals including the Elvis Festival in VA Beach Virginia, River Walk/Yorktown 4th of July Celebration, the Daffodil Festival and countless fundraisers.

Charlie's tribute to the Great American Crooners can be described as a tribute to Sinatra, Buble', The Stray Cats and everything in between.  Blending together a reprotore of crowd pleasing classic songs while bringing the classics to life with a Big Band sound.    This show has really taken off very quickly and can be tailored to fit any occasion from a straight classic Sinatra/Buble' set to an exciting tribute to Big Band Rock and Roll.

Charlie is most well know for his transformation into The King of Rock and Roll as the young vibrant artist that changed Rock and Roll forever.  He portrays any era of Elvis from the 1950’s to the 1970’s.  He will tailor his show to fit any event with his large repertoire of songs.  His voice naturally lends it’s self to the music Elvis made popular. He also maintains historically accurate custom tailored costumes to re-create the authentic look and feel of each era that he portrays. Costumes range from the sleek 1968 Black Leather outfit to the Red Speedway jacket and pants worn during Elvis’s movie “Speedway”… and of course Charlie maintains an arsenal of classic Elvis jumpsuits including, but not limited to, the White Eagle jumpsuit that was worn during his Aloha from Hawaii concert and the Red “Burning Love” jumpsuit a staple of the late 1970’s Vegas shows.

The Show

Charlie performs all of his shows using high quality karaoke backing tracks, some of which are actual recordings of the artists where the vocals have been digitally removed to allow Charlie to provide his vocal accompaniment to the original recording.  By using high quality backing tracks Charlie is able to reduce the expense of his appearances while providing a consistently superior show.  This also allows Charlie the flexibility to work with an existing DJ at any event.  Charlie may also incorporate the use of a guitar during some of his songs as added accompaniment to the backing tracks or just to add to the overall experience.                                                           

Charlie maintains a state of the art professional PA system for his appearances.  The system can be tailored to fit any occasion. He can also work with house PA systems and sound technicians if the need arises.  Charlie can customize his show to meet the needs of the customer, while providing affordable family entertainment.


Charlie Dunn  "Elvis Impersonator Virginia" " Best Elvis Impersonator"